What are the Benefits of Online Marriage Counseling?

Virtual Marriage Counseling

Benefits to Online Marriage Therapy

  • Authentic environment to practice skills
  • Perfect for the skill-based approach of the Gottman Method
  • Comfort and safety in your surroundings
  • Access to couples counseling from different locations
  • Useful for busy schedules

Authentic Environment to Practice Skills

Virtual couples counseling has become a preferred choice due to the many benefits involved.  The biggest benefit I’ve noticed in my practice, is the couple’s ability to respond and behave in more authentic ways.  As a result, couples who experience therapy from their home often feel more comfortable being in an environment familiar to them.  Couples often share that they forget the therapist is on screen; therefore, the level of comfort increases.  The genuine interaction between the couple is helpful because the therapist can intervene in real time and help the couple with their struggles.

Comfort and safety in your surroundings

Online couples counseling provides a sense of safety and security.  Overall comfort decreases stress and increase the ability to share openly, listen, and understand. Sharing intimate details can be difficult. Therefore, the physical distance from the therapist that a couple experiences with virtual therapy helps mitigate this issue.  Sitting in the comfort of their home not only promotes safety for the couple, but it also allows for more authentic interaction between the couple.

Perfect for the Skill-based Approach of the Gottman Method

Our practice utilizes the Gottman Method for Couples Counseling.  This approach has been researched and proven effective for strengthening a relationship.  The method promotes skill building techniques, such as, learning how to effectively communicate wants and needs in the form of wishes rather than criticisms.  Developing these skills through this model is perfect for the online couples counseling process.

Our goal is for couples to learn these skills in session so that they can be utilized outside of session at home.  Consider what would be the best way to develop a skill.  What would be the best way to learn how to field a ground ball in baseball, for example?   Practicing how to properly field a baseball on actual dirt and grass better develops that skill compared to fielding a ball on the gym floor.  A gym floor does not account for the rocks in the field or the texture of the grass.  Is a skill best learned in the environment it will be used in? Absolutely!

Access to Couples Counseling from Different Locations

Couples who are separated, have different schedules, or travel for work will benefit greatly from the capabilities virtual sessions allow.  Online marriage counseling provides access for these couples to get the help they need.  The ability to obtain this service from different locations is a benefit couples should take advantage of and utilize.  Anything that promotes more time to connect with a partner is crucial to building a stronger and healthier relationship.  Virtual marriage counseling makes this possible.

Useful for busy schedules

We live in a fast-paced world where time is valued.  Jobs demand more, productivity is necessary, and technology has allowed us to get involved with more hobbies, social activities, and overall connections in the world.  Whether you travel for your job often, you are involved in many extra-curricular or volunteer activities, or you have children, we can all agree that time is of the essence.  With no drive time and the ability to access your sessions from various locations, virtual couples therapy helps to mitigate the issue of time restraints.  Eliminating the time restraint makes it easier for you and your partner to find times that agree with both your schedules.  This helps you and your partner get the most out of session.

Why you should Consider Virtual Couples Counseling

Online Couples Counseling is equally as effective as in person sessions.  It is always of benefit for you and your partner to engage in eye contact and turning toward one another.  However, this forum allows the both of you to slow down and more naturally give each other the time and space to speak.  Being intentional is important to the process of couples counseling, and the three-way virtual session for couples promotes this valuable skill.

The Gottman Method is one of few evidence-based approaches to couples counseling.  This skill building approach of the method is a great style to utilize for virtual marriage therapy. For more information about couples counseling and the Gottman Method, visit our website here.