Therapy in the Environment of Your Choice

Telehealth is available for Individual and Marriage Counseling

  • Experience counseling from the comfort of you home
  • Attend your appointment from your office at work
  • Engage in counseling from anywhere within the state of Ohio
  • Make your relationship with your partner a priority despite your busy schedule
  • Meet with your therapist during your lunch break. with no drive time involved
  • Experience the benefits of couples counseling from separate locations

The Benefits of Using Telehealth for Therapy Include:

Watch these videos that explain the telehealth option at Kent Psychological Services

Q: Is online therapy effective?

A: Online therapy is effective. Studies on videoconferencing vs. in person therapy showed that results obtained with videoconferencing were similar to those with in person. In addition, studies show that seeing the client in-person, with better exposure to body-language, did NOT improve the ability of the therapist to be empathetic.

Q: Do you think that telehealth will continue to remain a part of your practice when the viral danger subsides?

Yes, we believe that telehealth provides a viable option for many individuals and/or couples. Our clients report that the process of therapy was better due to their increased focus on the methods used with virtual counseling.


Q: What if I don't have a computer at my home?

A: We offer in-office telehealth for clients who don’t have access to technology at home. The client sits in a private office in our building and our admin staff sets them up on a video connection with one of our providers who is at home.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Therapy Services