Is Online Marriage Counseling Effective?

Is Online Marriage Counseling Effective

Virtual marital counseling has been gaining more interest over the last few years.  More recently, due to the pandemic, it has not only become more popular, but necessary.  Increased stress such as financial struggles, isolation, and a lack of resources has made it impossible for couples to ignore their need to seek help.

“Online marriage counseling is not only effective, it has become a preferred choice.”

Being in the comfort of your home with your partner benefits the couple in therapeutic ways.   Online couples counseling provides a sense of safety and security.  Feeling comfortable in an environment decreases stress and increases a person’s ability to share openly, listen, and understand.  Thus, online marriage counseling is not only effective, it has become a preferred choice.

Couples engaged in a 2020 study of online marriage counseling experienced a positive shift in their expectations regarding the process and effectiveness of this method.  Some initial concerns for couples included the therapist’s ability to empathize through virtual technology as well as the potential for technological issues.  Despite couple’s original concerns for virtual therapy, the experience overall for couples was positive.

Couples involved in virtual counseling sessions reported:

  • Increased comfort and control over their sessions
  • The ability to effectively connect with their therapist
  • The ability for a therapist to empathize
  • The process of therapy was better due to their increased focus on the methods used with virtual counseling.

Sharing intimate details can be difficult.  The physical distance from the therapist that a couple experiences with virtual therapy helps mitigate this issue.  Sitting in the comfort of their home not only promotes safety for the couple, but it also allows for more authentic interaction between the couple.  This real time interaction between the couple allows the marriage counselor to intervene and teach the skills needed in those moments.

If you are struggling with your relationship, don’t let your reservations about online marital therapy hold you back.  This last year has been difficult.  With online couples counseling, prioritizing your relationship has never been easier.

We base our Couples Counseling Program on the Gottman Method, an approach scientifically proven to strengthen relationships.  This highly skill-based method is easily integrated into virtual couples counseling, making the process simple and effective.

Take your first step in strengthening your relationship and reach out to learn more about our Couples Counseling Program here.