Parents bring home baby shoes holding hands

The transition to parenthood can bring about many changes in a couple’s life.  Even the strongest relationships are strained during this time.  An estimated two-thirds of couples entering parenthood, will experience a decrease in relationship satisfaction and an increase in conflict and hostility.  This time can also be fraught with many mothers, as well as fathers, who experience the normal baby blues as well as some who experience more significant postpartum mood disorders.  Due to extensive research, we are now aware of the significant impact a couple’s relationship and overall connection has on the baby’s development.

Therefore, it is pertinent that we address relationship hostility, postpartum anxiety and depression, dissolving relationship quality, and emotionally insensitive parenting.  The Bringing Baby Home Program is focused on preparing those who are expecting parents or parents of infants and toddlers, with an understanding and knowledge of the skills needed to cope with and navigate a life with baby and the changes this transition brings about.

Research indicates that we can change relationship satisfaction after the birth of a baby.  When parents learn the skills to cope with the many transitions to parenthood and the challenges that accompany this, they can increase their overall relationship satisfaction, thereby improving both their well being as well as that of their children.


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