Day 25 – Give to Get

30-Day Couples Challenge

“In some way, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds meaning, such as the meaning of sacrifice.”

Victor Frankl

Show Video Transcript

What does it mean to “sacrifice” in a relationship? And why is this so important?

Many people fear that word to some extent, as they often interpret it as a submission to or giving up of something.

Although this may be the case, it is not entirely accurate. In relationships, sacrificing for another can also be a way of GAINING something.

Compromise is built around the willingness to sacrifice something.

Sacrifice says… “I care about your wellness more than my wants.” What you gain is respect, trust, understanding, and further willingness from your partner to do the same for you in return.

What are the areas in your relationship that require you or your partner to engage in sacrificing for the other? In what ways have you sacrificed for your partner? And in what ways have they sacrificed for you.

Write these down and keep them handy, they will be of good use for tomorrows lesson.

Click to watch the video and download this PDF to access your task for the day.

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