Day 24 – Exploring Your Values

30-Day Couples Challenge

“The secret to a joyful partnership is making your commitment to your partner stronger than your commitment to winning.”

Kyle Benson

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Yesterday, we learned that influence is key to both conflict management and compromise.

You can only be influential if you accept influence. Compromise will never be perfect to either partner.

Your ability to become flexible and accept that sometimes you will gain something, and sometimes you will lose something, is essential to the art of compromise.

Most important, is for your partner to feel that the underlying meaning or value behind their core needs are understood, respected, and honored.

Your task for today is to explore your values.

What beliefs or values do you hold most dear? What is their significance to you? Share what you find with your partner.

This will not only help in the areas of compromise. Sharing these most vulnerable parts of yourself will build intimacy and trust as well.

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