Day 14 – Perpetual Problems

30-Day Couples Challenge

“The formulation of a problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical experimental skills.”

Albert Einstein

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Conflict is normal. In fact, Dr. Gottman found through his research, that 69% of the problems we experience within our relationship are perpetual.

This means there is not necessarily a solution to our relationship woes. These perpetual issues are often a result of differing personality and communication styles.

What this does suggest, is that we must learn to discuss our struggles effectively, so that we can better gain an understanding of one another to work toward compromise or further discussions.

The best way to work with one another is to put yourself in their shoes to understand their world.

Your task for today is to think about what personality differences or communication styles you exhibit that create difficulties in your relationship?

Remember, this is never a matter of who is “right” and “wrong” – it is simply a result of our temperament, upbringing, and experiences.

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