Day 13 – Intimacy and Sex

30-Day Couples Challenge

“There’s a place in your heart where nobody’s been. Take me there.”

Rascal Flatts

Show Video Transcript

Intimacy and sex. That will get your attention.

How much do you and your partner actually talk about intimacy and sex? Do you see them as one and the same, or different? Is one needed to create the other?

Trust and vulnerability is an important component to sharing yourselves in intimate ways with one another. Most research shows that couples do not discuss intimacy and sex often, and in fact, many show discomfort in this area.

It is important for each of you to share your thoughts with one another on what these concepts mean to you and mean for your relationship.

How did you come to learn about sex? What does the word intimacy mean to you? What are your biggest fears in being intimate or sexual?

Whether you are married and have been intimate for years or you are newly dating and are not active sexually, what do you find important to highlight and discuss with your partner.

Journal about it and share with one another.

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