Ms. Ina

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Margaret Ina

Mrs. Ina is a licensed psychologist who is certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Following a career of supervision, early intervention, and behavioral modification in school, home and clinical settings, Mrs. Ina is currently assisting people in the various stages of life transitions. She has training and experience working with stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions, family/parenting concerns and parenting children with special needs.

Mrs. Ina uses a collaborative, goal-focused educational approach to therapy, working together with each person to clarify realistic therapy goals and then to explore coping strategies and life skills to assist in the journey from where one is, closer to where he or she would like to be. Life is a journey and we are challenged to be more aware and responsive to growth opportunities embedded in our everyday lives.

Outside the therapy setting Mrs. Ina enriches her life through needlework, reading, music, spirituality, family and the ongoing challenge to seek a healthful, balanced lifestyle while aging.

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