Day 2 – Fostering Fondness and Admiration

30-Day Couples Challenge

“Fondness and admiration are two of the most crucial elements in a rewarding and long-lasting relationship.”

John Gottman

Show Video Transcript

Do you remember when you first laid eyes on your partner? Or the moment you knew you were in love with them?

Over time in relationships, things can change. Daily stressors get in the way, you spend less time together, and the overwhelming sense of bliss you felt in the honeymoon stage of the relationship fades.

Problems become more noticeable, and gratefulness and appreciation decreases. You forget what led you to love this person in the first place. Dr. Gottman states that “although happily married couples may feel driven to distraction at times by their partners personality flaws, they still feel that the person they married is worth honor and respect.”

To look at someone with fondness and admiration is to honor and respect them for who they are

Your task for today is to think about 3 characteristics you admired in your partner when you met them. I challenge you to go even further, and also identify 3 characteristics you admire about them today.

Don’t keep them to yourself, go and share with each other!

Click to watch the video and download this PDF to access your task for the day.

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