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Amanda & Anthony

It was amazing! We feel like we really connected and learned some new things! It’s so important to have these discussions before marriage. It made us really look into our relationship. With this being both of our second marriages, we want to get it right this time!


I enjoyed the breakout sessions; it gave an opportunity to practice the concepts. Overall, it felt like there was more material than time allowed. Perhaps another version of the course with more time and more in-depth. This felt like a good introduction to the material.


I enjoyed that it was presented from a real-life perspective. I find it helpful to know that we are not alone. I think the material is helpful and explains things very well. The presenters are very open and helpful in understanding the material. The class has been an overall positive experience for me.

Join us in the journey of fostering better relationships and joy filled marriages.

Couples involved in this one-day class will learn evidence based skills that strengthen relationships and prepare couples for a successful marriage

Each class will be led by a skilled couples therapist who will provide education on key elements to relationship success. The participants will learn and practice these skills in the classroom.

Class Details

  • DATES: April 22nd, 2023
  • TIME: 8 am - 5: 30 pm 
  • WHERE: Kent Psychological Associates


Very informative and concrete examples were very helpful. Personal anecdotes were great to help with understanding and feelings of ‘not being alone’ in our struggles/experiences. Loved the organization of materials and resources. Very helpful to find a way to describe what we’re going through and have resources to help guide with words/feelings/emotions. Presenters did great and loved that they shared their own shortcomings/vulnerabilities.


Content disseminated in an engaging, well-paced manner. Informal, non-threatening atmosphere (unintimidating). Balance of sitting and movement. Felt it was great—the content, interactive materials, and presenters. Thank you.


It was easy to understand, relatable, made to feel comfortable. Was well done and presented in a real-life manner.


I loved the breakout times to do the worksheets/assignments. Good visuals and analogies. Overall well done and informative!


Having it on the weekend helped because we live far away and had to drive here. When the presenters shared personal experiences, it helped to show how they use these techniques also. It was nice to be able to go to other rooms for the activities and have that privacy. Was able to learn about myself and not just my partner. I enjoyed everything. The presenters really took time to explain things and were willing to answer any questions. It was helpful to have the binders to take notes and be able to add to it later if needed.


I enjoyed the ‘card deck’ questions and getting to learn more about my partner. Also learning how emotions/repairs were handled in partner’s household. Liked the option of having a private room to discuss. Liked how ‘couple-centered’ it was—like having material taught and then having alone time to discuss/practice. I liked the personal anecdotes/stories from the presenters (makes it seem more inclusive and less like ‘you all have problems but therapists are perfect’). Liked the personal touches like memes.

  • Enhance communication skills
  • Develop strategies to be a great listener
  • Identify feelings, and express needs.
  • Distinguish love languages
  • Manage conflict and stressful life transitions
  • Navigate personality differences
  • Determine roles within the relationship

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Two Payment Option


One payment of $212.50 (USD) due when you sign up, a second payment of $212.50 (USD) will be charged automatically 1-month after signup.

Two Payment Option


One payment of $212.50 (USD) due when you sign up, a second payment of $212.50 (USD) will be charged automatically 1-month after signup.

Single Payment Option


One payment of $389 (USD) will be charged at signup. There are no reoccurring payments with this option.