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Psychological Testing

We conduct a wide range or testing for both children and adults including developmental, educational, intellectual, neuropsychological, differential diagnosis, and personality testing. The nature of the testing is dependent on the questions being asked by the referral source and the types of problems the individual is experiencing. Common questions addressed by testing include:

  • My child is trying really hard in school but she is still struggling. Could she have a learning disability?
  • My primary care doctor isn’t sure what type of medication to give me.
  • Do I really have Bipolar Disorder?
  • My mother got lost while driving home from the grocery store yesterday and she is getting very forgetful. Could she have Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • I can’t seem to stay in a relationship for longer than a few months. Am I doing something wrong?
  • I’m always late for everything and I can never find my keys. My friends joke that I have “ADD.” Maybe I really do?